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Rockingham - Job Opportunities       started by smythb on 18 Jun 2011   (23644)
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From smythb

18 Jun 2011 3:47 AM
Dear All, We're looking to migrate next year and Mandurah is one of our preferred locations. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could advise on the job situation in this area, specifically towards the engineering sector in manufacturing. Any feedack would be appreciated. Thanks and Best Regards.............Brian.
From borky2000

To smythb

19 Jun 2011 9:45 PM
Hi Brian We are moving on the 23rd August and staying in Mandurah for the first two weeks. We stayed there last year when we went for a look around. Mandurah has got some industrial areas particularly around the marina, which may be good for engineering. We really wanted to settle in Mandurah because we loved it there and my father in law has a boat on the marina, but I have a job in Fremantle Hospital which would be a bit of a long commute. I would just keep looking the job will come and in the meantime if i see anything once we are there I will message you. Regards Ellen