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Oz Mobile Phone & Broadband Providers        started by debs1966 on 20 Jun 2011   (23646)
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From debs1966

20 Jun 2011 7:20 AM
Hi Can anybody please advise me as to where is the best place to get a mobile phone provider in Perth and which have the most reasonable tariffs please? I will be cancelling my Orange contract here in the UK and then looking for a provider just as soon as I arrive. Also, I am will be looking for a good broadband provider so I can start using my laptop as soon as I able rather than having to go to a Internet Cafe it will make life alot easier. Can anyone please advise me do they have the doggles like they do here in the UK? Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks Debbie:)
From claireandmatt

To debs1966

30 Jun 2011 12:09 AM
Hi, we have only been here 2 months so my knowledge may not quite be right however we used a vodaphone dongle when we first arrived. It was fine just took longer and could only use in certain rooms due to signal... As for phones we are not able to get a contract phone still as not been here long enough so we buy telstra top-up every month costs us $40 and lasts us well we get $510 amount of calling time on that..Our home phone and broadband is telstra velocity but that took 2 weeks to connect phone and 3 weeks for broadband... Might be the area we in as it did seem to take a long time to sort.. We in Bunbury SOR... hope this helps and good luck with move.. Claire Quick point before I go we had to jump through hoops to get Oz sim cards as everything needs ID with addess on it...We did not have that when we first arrived so registered everything in our friends name...We also made sure our phones were unlocked as well..
From TanyaWhoriskey

To claireandmatt

01 Jul 2011 6:24 AM
Hi Did you get your mobiles unlocked in the UK before you left? I have a blackberry which I would like to take with me so I can collect emails also on it whilst we get settled the first couple of months.
From claireandmatt

To TanyaWhoriskey

02 Jul 2011 5:45 PM
We unlocked phones whilst over here having already informing o2 we were doing it however it took ages to do and many emails to and from so if you can do it while still in england then I recommend you do that..Just get a dongle on laptop so you can pick up your emails. claire