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From Joannelousie

29 Jun 2011 1:55 AM
thank you so much for all of these informative replies! Almost all of the information i have got so far has been from agencies and visa websites etc, so am a little worried at the reaction i have recieved from you guys about the way i am going about this move! I am almost 100% that my partner CAN go on a WHV, as we are not married and he is not my daughters father. I think he is pretty much ok. Also I do have sufficient funds to support myself and my daughter for 6 months but like I said, was hoping to have gained a sponsorship by then! Is this really all as impossible as you all say!? Every agent i have spoken to so far hasnt reacted liket this, they have said people do it and generally are quite successful as long as the work is there. I am a dental nurse/practice manager and there seems to be a lot of work!? Anyway, its me my daughter and my partner, no skills, enough money to tide us over for about 6 months, he works in transport management and i am a dental nurse as i said. We would really like to get over there at the end of this year! Any advice!? or other ways of going about it!? please help!