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29 Jun 2011 1:27 PM
well yet another pulling australia down.what you dont seem to realise is why if england is so great why did you leave there in the first place.yes cost of living has gone up in perth but so has the uk.bogans on the street better than scum druggies every where like in the uk.wages you earn half what you did in uk then you will find it expensive.we earn a lot more in oz than we did in the uk and both earned good money in the depends what you do. we live in a aussie suburb very little hastle here perahaps you shouldnt of moved where 80 percent of the british moved if its that bad.future for the kids well there is a lot more future here for least they can get a job when they leave school.could keep going on but whats the point,so stop pulling the place down because of your experiance there is a lot of people love it here we do.the only thing i can understand people going back to the uk is because of missing family.there is lots of things and oportunities here if you are willing to look for them.and for anyone making the move you are doing the right thing dont listen to all the crap on here.we have been here five years now and love it.this sight used to be full of help for new people coming out here now just seems to be full of moaning, putting people if you dont like it here go home but just remember why you left the uk in the first place if it is soooooo good,and good look to all the new familys that are coming out here in the future.
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29 Jun 2011 7:30 PM
Hi Lew, Well I was hoping to walk away from this thread. My intention was never to hijack the whole of the discussion forum. However, seeing as though you have personalised the title with my name, I at least will give you the courtesy of a reply. First of all let me just say that this is a forum for balanced discussion which by definition should include both positives and negatives. While I welcome your comments please do not deny people the right to have their say just because it does not agree with yours. Have you considered maybe the increase of moaning may be the rise in disaffection with their move? I have repeatedly said it is our perception of Perth and while I may argue a point, would never disrespect anyone by giving them grief for putting their point across. Also as you and others have done, please do not assume our reasons for emigrating were the same of yours. We all move for a variety of reasons. As I lived in an area where I never saw any 'scum druggies' this was not one. I also worked within the criminal justice system in the UK so I have an overview on what goes on and where. And yes there are many places I would not move to in UK and would avoid like the plague. I do not have rose tinited glasses and am aware of the diffculties the UK is going through my 2 months there last year allowed me a glimpse. I have also said I wish all those staying good luck actually admitting to envy of them being happy here. I also have encouraged those coming out here to give it a good go, so I can hardly be accused of Perth bashing or not giving it a chance. I think five and a half years is more than enough make an objective decision. FYI I actually like my suburb. We bought land here in 2003 while I worked in the Middle East (yes I have even lived there!) when it was just that, a bit of land with few houses, so again you make assumptions about me without knowing the facts. We subsequently built a couple of houses and have never regretted moving here. We have a good mix of Pom, South African and believe it or not Aussie, and by in large we have a good community spirit, and I have hardly seen trouble. Our friends of which I spoke are in other suburbs, of which I do not class as 'pommie'. My concerns of crime are of a far wider nature due to my previous work within the criminal justice system, so again I base my views on evidence and not assumptions. Your piece seems to be written in anger, I may be wrong, so I accept this may have clouded your objectivity. I repeat there is good and bad everywhere. We have made our decision and happy with our time here but it is time to move for reasons we have already alluded to and a few more. However, for you to tell prospective migrants not to read the negatives, probably does more damage than the negative comments themselves. People are intellectual enough to make up their own minds and do not need to be patronised into being told what they can and can't read. After all they are coming over to a free world democracy arent they? I am sure you may want to get the last word in and I am more than happy for you to have it but as stated at the top I didn't want to overwhelm the site. There are others who need to get their point across on subjects other than this and the poor soul who wants to buy a car will soon be on page 2! Love to and best wishes to ALL.....whatever your decisions, ambitions and locations may be. Right can I go and make my wife's tea now?