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Hocking       started by Emma_Paul on 10 Jul 2011   (23705)
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From Emma_Paul

10 Jul 2011 10:50 PM
Hi, wondering if anyone can give us any help or information regarding the suburbs of Tapping and Hocking, we are a British family of 6 and finally have our visas through to emmigrate and have to travel before 12jan2012....aaarrrrggghhh stressed. we have done plenty of online research and think the area we want to head for are northern suburbs around Hocking, Tapping and Wanneroo ! are there many differences to the standard of primary school in those suburbs as this will be a main deciding factor, also are there many differences in facilities in those suburbs ...shops etc. This is such a stressful much to take in, what to ship, when to travel,schools, houses,jobs think my heads going to explode. Any views on any of this please ? Emma, Paul and our 4 children (7,6,4,1)
From sunqueeno

To Emma_Paul

12 Jul 2011 12:12 AM
Hiya in brief Wanneroo is an older suburb, main road runs through the middle. plenty of shops. Not sure about primary schools but the secondary doesn't have such a good reputation. Hocking is a smaller suburb with no shops however I thing there are some planned for there in the future. Tapping is the newest suburb and dependant on where abouts you are ij tapping there are shops and docs/dentist within walking distance at Carramar. Have heard the school is very good but as its expanding rapidly the kindy/yr1/ yr2 have been relocated off the main school which might pose a problem if you have kids in different classes.
From Emma_Paul

To sunqueeno

12 Jul 2011 7:13 AM
Excellent, really helpful thanks !, i have 4 children all different ages so they would be at different sites if they've been relocated and yeah suppose that could be a bit difficult really, we also thought about maybe considering Joondalup but it all boils down to the schools really and whether or not you have to be in the catchment area for each school. Tapping sounds quite appealing though :)
From sunqueeno

To Emma_Paul

12 Jul 2011 9:59 AM
Generally you do have to be in the catchment area. We rented in Tapping but there were no places available in pre primary for my little girl (as pre primary is not mandatory they didn't have to give her a place) The rental in tapping was actually nearer to Carramar school for us and even though we weren't classed as being in the catchment area they found her a place in pre primary, When it came to year 1 they said they wouldn't be able to guarantee her a place until all the Carramar kids had been accomodated but I had a quick word with the headmaster and there wasn't a problem in letting her in year 1. The school has been really good, very accomodating and my daughter loves it there. We have now moved to kinross but I am keeping her at Carramar till she finishes year 1 and will then move her to Kinross school. Have you considered Carramar, its the next suburb along from Tapping. There is also a nursery next to the school for for youngest children however it is a really good nursery so there is a waiting list. Hope this helps
From clarepo

To Emma_Paul

13 Jul 2011 10:10 AM
Hi, we rent in Joondalup at the minute and my kids (4 & 9) went to Joondalup Primary and Kindy. We weren't 100% happy with the school and neither were the kids so they have now moved to Currambine Primary. They've been there for a term now and although it's a bigger school they both love it and have settled well. We weren't in catchment for Currambine however they were more than happy to take the kids. The Kindy was full but because we were taking an older child to the school they gave us a place for Harry in Kindy. Good Luck with everything!