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Have you moved to Perth from NZ?       started by KiwiMumto3 on 13 Jul 2011   (23710)
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13 Jul 2011 10:13 AM
Hi, just wondering if you've made the move to Perth yet? We are in a similar situation, living in Auckland and possibly moving to Perth this year with my husband's job. Have been following this site closely for the last week, checking info on suburbs, prices and schooling etc. Would be great to have some feedback on your experiences so far, as most posts tend to be from those coming from the UK as opposed to NZ.
From Jan311

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13 Jul 2011 11:41 PM
Hi - yep we finally made the move, arrived here on Friday 8th July, so it's all still new to us. We've settled into a furnished rental in Warnbro but it's a long drive for Nick as he works out by Perth airport, but this was the only rental we could get a short notice that would accept dogs. It's short term till our container arrives. The cost of the container was the big shock, compared to moving from UK to NZ the move from NZ to Au was very expensive, glad it was Nicks company paying the bill. We moved our dogs again and they proved easier and cheaper than the move to NZ. We've decided to settle in one of the new subdivision south river around Aubin Grove / Hammond Park as it's easy access to highway and trains, the houses are newer and the rent a bit cheaper than closer to city and some of the nicer suburbs North River. We only built our house 2 years ago and we didn't really want a lower spec house than we'd been used to. You can get similar North River but they seem to be quite a bit further out. Buying a car was easy enough and paid in AU$ what you would pay in NZ$ and we found the same with most things. Can't help much on the schooling, as we don't have kids but do get the impression they run much the same as NZ which seems alot more relaxed that UK schools. The landscape is vastly different to any part of NZ but I do think the transport system is very good compared to NZ especially since we lived rural and the only bus we saw was the school bus. One thing I will say is make sure you have your Kiwi passport before you come here, we're still on UK passports so have come in on work visa's but we are classed as NZ residents and it confuses some of the red tape departments and also means we don't qualify for some things. Still early days for us, but I think the big thing for us will be getting used to all the traffic and people again. Hope my ramblings have helped, any questions I'll try and answer. we just took the attitude that we didn't want to be saying 'what if' further down the line plus Christchurch wasn't really an attractive alternative at the moment. Cheers Jan
From KiwiMumto3

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16 Jul 2011 6:03 AM
Thanks for the speedy reply Jan. Glad to hear it's going well. My hubby thinks he knows Nick (work related). Have PM'd you with some details. Cheers