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Feel really lucky       started by cracker on 20 Jul 2011   (23724)
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From cracker

20 Jul 2011 2:13 PM
Just wanted to say that luck really does come your way sometimes. We had our one and only rental application accepted today. Only been here 10 days. We've heard so many stories from other people about how many applications they put in before they finally got a rental place, it was the one thing that was really worrying us especially as we have 2 dogs. I've looked at a least 10 houses and done drive by's on dozens, was worried at the amount of people that turn up to open homes and the standard of some of them (maybe i'm just too picky but I at least expect them to be halfway clean), but lady luck was on our side, it's in the area we really wanted and it's brand new. We've got to pay double rent for a couple of weeks and the container won't arrive till 2 weeks after we get the keys, but we have a house. Hope others are having some luck as well. Dheers Jan
From jimboman

To cracker

21 Jul 2011 11:18 AM
You make your own luck in this life (or in my case, bad luck).