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Melbourne v Adelaide       started by TeamMagic on 25 Jul 2011   (23737)
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From TeamMagic

25 Jul 2011 5:33 AM
We are looking to make the move from the UK to OZ and my partner is currently having Skype/telephone interviews for positions in both Melbourne and Adelaide, and although we can find quite a bit of 'tourist' information on both cities, it would be nice to hear from people who actually live there, what are the good and bad points of each city? We don't have children, so the schools etc don't really matter to us but we do enjoy good food, bars and live music (and shops(!) but that might just be me! :) ) Any help and advice would be great! Thank you!
From steveandclare

To TeamMagic

25 Jul 2011 2:59 PM
I have been to Melbourne and it felt quite 'British' - good restaurants, bars and live music. The weather is quite British too, can be rainy and grey some days but sharp and sunny the next. Clare's spent time in Brisbane and found it a bit less upmarket, it's also quite humid during the wetter parts of the year. I am sure others who are there now could give you a better run down of the pros and cons of each.
From cracker

To TeamMagic

25 Jul 2011 3:48 PM
Hi We visit Melbourne once a year for the Cup and did have a good luck round last year as we contemplated the move to OZ. It is quite 'British'looking and with the weather but good bars, restaurants etc and certain parts a bit 'yuppieish' (but we have been living in NZ for the last 5 years so that could just be us not being used to big city life any more). We have friends who have been there for about 6 years and love it, they still enjoy a similar lifestyle to what they had in UK but it's expensive and we found it very grey and dirty looking and a bit depressing really (sorry to the people who love the place, just my opinion). We have friends who have lived in Adelaide and loved it for the climate and thought it a beautiful place to live, didn't really want to leave but his job was transferred, choice of Melbourne or Perth, he's know here in Perth. It all really depends on what you want from the move. My option would be Adelaide for the smaller population and the better climate which would give you more outdoor time but if your not too bothered by outdoor time and activities and still want access to plenty of bars, restaurants and shopping then take a closer look at Melbourne. My simple way of looking at but I'll say again you have to decide what you want from the move to OZ good Luck Jan
From simonc

To TeamMagic

26 Jul 2011 1:32 AM
I preferred Adelaide, Im probably in the minority. It is smaller, mellower, more laid back and the people were as friendly as anywhere else I have been in Australia. Melbourne has a big city feel to it, with more attitude and loads more going on. I was passing through both each time, not living and working there which is a different kettle of fish.
From TeamMagic

To simonc

26 Jul 2011 6:08 PM
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has replied to my've all been a huge help! Thank You!