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Medicare       started by badgerkyle17 on 26 Jul 2011   (23739)
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From badgerkyle17

26 Jul 2011 6:20 AM
hi everyone not posted on here for a while and we were wondering if anyon could tell us how much medicare will cost for a family of 4 yearly/monthly/weekly we will be emigrating in november thanks sam
From tisme

To badgerkyle17

26 Jul 2011 9:50 AM
You pay 1.5% of your taxable income if you earn over, yearly, $22,163. From $18,839 to $22,163 it is a reduced amount, below $18,839 your exempt. You will pay a 1% surcharge levy (MLS) if you earn over $77,000 for a single person with no dependants $154,000 for a couple with no children or one dependent child, plus $1,500 for each additional dependent child. If you take out an adequete level of Private health insurance you are free of the 1% surcharge.
From badgerkyle17

To tisme

27 Jul 2011 9:37 PM
thanks for the info, but is that paid from your taxes after a finnacial year? i guess what i'm really asking is what is the best thing to do as soon as we get to oz in relation to healthcare, coming from a poor and overworked but free health service to having to sort it out, i think i need some help, you here so many stories about it being expensive and paying for ambulances?? i just want to protect me family and have them covered as soon as poss, and have monies set aside to not have to worry about it with everthing else a big move brings any comments are most welcome
From tisme

To badgerkyle17

29 Jul 2011 9:12 AM
Depending on which visa you arrive on you are entitled to Medicare when you arrive, you just need to register in one of their offices, wait a few days after arriving though so that your info is recorded into government databases. Medicare is the government run health system. It doesn't cover ambulance travel so you will need to take out cover for this. I doesn't cover dental or optical, though the eye test is covered by medicare the cost of the glasses or contact lenses are not. As for taking out private medical insurance it's up to you wether you do or wether you don't. To get an idea how much private insurance costs go to the Government pays 30% towards the cost of privaste insurance, this can either be taken off your premiums paid fortnightly or you can pay the full amount and claim it back at the end of the financial year. The 1.5% is deducted from your pay packet.