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Standard of living       started by Squiz on 27 Jul 2011   (23740)
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From Squiz

27 Jul 2011 5:38 AM
I would like to ask a few questions, if people would not mind responding. Would a combined household income of $130k $140k provide a good standard of living for a couple with no kids? e.g. afford a nice house, usual household bills, internet, premium tv package, mobile phones, 2 cars, golf membership, couple of meals out per month, decent holiday and be able to save a little? Where would be the nicest affordable place to buy/rent within reasonable commute to Subiaco? My wife has a job offer there and I am nervous about upping sticks and finding ourselves cash poor, if that does not sound too materialistic, as it is not meant that way. We are both in well paid jobs but are looking for an adventure and want to make the move. Having read posts over the past few months I am well aware of views about the pros and cons of Perth but would appreciate some standard of living information. Thanks DQ