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Boomerang Pomm       started by Anderson_Clan on 16 Aug 2011   (23774)
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From Anderson_Clan

16 Aug 2011 10:33 PM
Hello folks - this is the first time on this site, please be gentle with me! Quick synopsis of our situation: Obtained visa in 2005 Lived in Perth for 1 year & had No.2 son in Subiaco Returned to UK in 2006 Visa ran out in July 2010 Realised mistake & want to return One of the main reasons we came back to the UK is that I had lost my mother & I suppose grief made it too difficult to settle. Time is a good healer & with a better frame of mind we want to return to Australia. Husband is an architect, which is an 'in demand' profession. We're not sure how to progress but really don't want to jump through all the hoops of going through the point system again. Is there away of avoiding this - seeing as we have previously gained one & our situation has only improved (work promotions etc). Do you think we'd be better going through an immigration advisor for assistance or contacting the Australian Embassy direct? Any help/direction would be much appreciated. Cheers, Sam (Sam 37, Ross 43, Finlay 8 & Cullen 5)
From coopersrfive

To Anderson_Clan

26 Aug 2011 7:29 PM
So you had your PR visa ? if so apply for a RRV send a letter with the reason you have not done the 24 months needed out of the 5 years or the 12 months prior to applying. Any evidence as such is added esp your sons citizenship any on going contact with ppl or organisations in oz. this happened to me i left 3 days after getting my permanat rewsident visa for similar reasons family etc and it took me 5 years to return i also had a job in demand and this strengthened my case good luck it is possible! Lauren