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Thanks       started by diadav08 on 18 Aug 2011   (23777)
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From diadav08

To borky2000

18 Aug 2011 2:51 AM
Hi Ellen Thanks for your info. You must be very excited only days from your move. Does your visa cover the whole of your family and what options do you have after the 4yrs are up. Can I ask how you found your sponsorship?. Would be great to keep intouch. I see you are going to Freemantle, I remember Freemantle from a trip to Australia a few years ago I hope it hasn't changed.
From borky2000

To diadav08

18 Aug 2011 6:34 AM
My visa covers my husband and children. My husband can work as well, he's a teacher. We made contact with the WA nursing board at a emigration expo in Manchester. Really good information from the expo, gave my cv to the nursing board and within a month had two telephone interviews lined up. Had an interview with Fremantle hospital over the phone. Within two weeks we had our visas. It's been really quick process. As soon as we can we will apply for permanent residence. We have visited Fremantle as a tourist but really didn't like it, but last time we went I liked it a bit better. Funny that it's were we are going to live. Will keep in touch and wish you luck in your search.
From FraserBurns

To borky2000

18 Aug 2011 3:53 PM
you must be very excited:)cheers