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Re:Holiday Rental - Migrants Haven, Quinns Rocks       started by vpopplewell on 19 Aug 2011   (23779)
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From vpopplewell

19 Aug 2011 3:36 PM
Hi Everyone, Not been on here for a while, We have been here now for 18mths and our opinion of Real Estate rentals is while there are SOME good ones out there, there are some bad ones too !! Our first one in Edgewater was a bad one. Both the Real Estate (HARCOURTS ) and the landlord. After we had paid our deposit and taken possession on the keys, the landlord entered the property on two seperate occassions to remove furniture. We then endured having 8 weeks without the use of a garage door ( that was broken when we moved in). Then we were almost 7 wks without an oven as it had blown during the Perth Storm. The Real Estate where just not interested. We sent countless emails complaining and they couln't even be bothered top reply. Then as our lease was due for renewal they said we could renew for six mths providing we pay $5 a wk more and no further repairs would be carried out ! Needless to say, we told them to stuff it. On past experience, I would advise all fellow Aussiemovers to go through the property report in fine detail befor you move in. Take pictures if need be, and add anything that has not been listed on there to it. Also, be aware that you do have rights as a tenant. REWIA are there to help you. If you are paying for somthing that is not in working order, you can lodge a Breach of Contract against the owners and be compensated for it. We actually got $650 back from the Landlord in compo for not having the use of an oven for six wks. Oh and when he came to deliver another one ( shabby secondhand one) he called into our next door neighboura and called us WINGING POMS ! Be carful because it is all about the money with them. And they WILL take advantage of your situation as new migrants