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Taking a TV back to UK       started by 5_Jewels on 26 Aug 2011   (23788)
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From 5_Jewels

26 Aug 2011 12:55 AM
Does anyone know if a TV bought in Australia will it work in the UK. It is a Phillips 47' LCD bought in late 2008. We are returning back to England and need to find out if it will work ok there, Any info Thanks
From Gill+Mark+Girls

To 5_Jewels

26 Aug 2011 2:45 AM
We bought a Samsung plasma TV in Australia in Oct 2008. We returned to UK January 2011 and the TV works fine here. Kind regards Gill
From me2you

To Gill+Mark+Girls

26 Aug 2011 2:49 AM
all our electrical stuff including tvs, games consoles, dvd, pc etc all worked fine - no problems at all.