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slimming groups       started by badgerkyle17 on 01 Sep 2011   (23794)
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From badgerkyle17

01 Sep 2011 2:54 AM
Hi everyone I do weight watchers here in the uk is there anything like this out in perth, we are hopefully heading NOR ocean reef area or roundabout there, we land on the 11/11/11 so would be looking to start something after christmas. If anyone goes to any can you let me know what they are like. thank you sam
From CRH

To badgerkyle17

01 Sep 2011 9:14 AM
Yes Weight Watchers meetings everywhere. Lots in NOR. Also Lite and Easy delivers meals to your door, no contract so order what you want when you want. Jenny Craig is one on one and meals provided this cost to join, no weekly fee but food is extra and you have to have the food. Hope this helps. Alison