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Bringings Cats to Perth       started by TanyaWhoriskey on 26 Sep 2011   (23827)
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From TanyaWhoriskey

26 Sep 2011 7:40 PM
Just a note for all of you considering bringing your cat(s) to Perth. I got my two cats from quarantine 3 days ago after 30 long days in quarantine. What I would recommend for anyone considering bringing more than one cat is to house them separately. I put mine together so that they would be company for one another, however the kennels are absolutely TINY! I was really upset and disappointed when I first went to visit my furry little friends. Also, I have a persian cat and she was and still is an absolute mess. It took me 2 weeks to realise that they weren't brushing her at all. She was a mess each time I went and when I asked if they were brushing her, the response I got was 'we can if you want us to'. May be it was my mistake but given that these people care for dogs and cats full time at great expense ($1,000 + per animal) I assumed they would have realised that a persian cat would need grooming. The tiny kennels also have a high shelf and they had decided to put the food up there to try and vary the day for the cats. My persian doesnt jump on to anything higher than the sofa and it was only after reading her 'hospital like' notes that i realised they were trying to feed them on the high shelf and each day noting that the food was un-touched. The cats were fed, watered and sheltered but that really is about it. Aussies are a nation of dog lovers and to be honest, in my humble opinion, that was evident at the quarantine kennels. I don't mean to sound like I'm ranting, I just know how informaiton is important having just moved here a month ago. ALSO - I used Airpets who were brilliant. The whole things was effortless.
From brown2008

To TanyaWhoriskey

19 Nov 2011 1:54 AM
Hello, sad to hear your bad experience. We brought our beloved whiskas boy out too. he was very spolit in there. He had the run of the vets room when he/she wasnt around: apparently. It is hard, and broke my heart to see him there. Sadly I had to put him to sleep earlier this year. Another broken heart, but so glad he was here for 2 years with us. We used Airpets, again excellent company. Hope things get beeter.