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parents visa       started by sunqueeno on 27 Sep 2011   (23830)
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From sunqueeno

27 Sep 2011 7:01 PM
Hi just wondering if anyone has any info on the visa's my parents could apply for to come and live in Oz. We have been her 13 months and are permanent residents. They would both need to work if they came here imminantly as my dad is 55 and mum is 54. My Dad is a joiner. The only visa I am aware of is the contributory one where the would both have to pay $35,000.
From thelees

To sunqueeno

27 Sep 2011 7:25 PM
My parents are going through the process now, lodged in Jan 11 and the processing fee has been taken! yours are like mine, too young for aged parent visa (think you have to be 64yrs 4mths with a massive stash of cash to keep themselves). I believe that the contributory one is the only one available to them, there are no restrictions on where they live in the country but to work they will have to buy themselves in $35K sounds about right, thats what mine will have to pay when DIMIA Adelaide call for the rest of the cash... Someone else may know of a loop hole, but I'm not aware of one. Good Luck Pauline