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great wall ute       started by sarah+mick on 02 Oct 2011   (23835)
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From sarah+mick

02 Oct 2011 7:11 PM
Hi all Anyone bought a greatwall 2 wheel drive ute. If yes what do you think of the ute,the after service,its towing power and any other info on it would be great Thanks Mick
From martin123

To sarah+mick

09 Oct 2011 10:04 PM
hi there, company i do work for has two of these vehicles (2wd dual cab utes) my opinion is ... very very hard suspension (might as well have none !!) suspension travel on the front of this vehicle is very limited (have a look at the bump stop on the bottom suspension arm) you can only use premium unleaded !! (runs like crap on regular unleaded) theres been a few electrical niggles ,wipers failing, and the central locking deciding to lock itself when it wants (dont leave keys inside it ) it does have all the goodies like electric windows,cd player,air con... etc but it feels really cheap and cheerful in terms of build quality compared with something like a toyota,mitsubishi...... also look at the crash test ratings for this vehicle :( personally i would spend my money elsewhere... you get what you pay for i guess ??? good luck....