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Help - Moving to Perth with 16 year old       started by paulashurst on 06 Oct 2011   (23838)
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From paulashurst

06 Oct 2011 8:18 AM
We will be moving to Perth in March 2012 with our son who is 16. He will be 17 in May 2012 and we have been wondering where will he fit into the education system. He completed his GCSE's this year (June 2011) and got the results in August. What options would be available to him once in Perth and would he have to go back to school, if so what year/age group would he be in? Thank you.
From Marshy

To paulashurst

06 Oct 2011 10:21 AM
He wouldn't have to go back to school but he would either have to be in further education (TAFE) or some form of work. If he were to go back to school he would be in year 12 in 2012. This is the final year of school where they do the WACE (used to be called TEE). It would be hard for him to slot in to this as this is usually years 11 and 12.