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Advice on schools??       started by shelly23 on 07 Oct 2011   (23839)
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From shelly23

07 Oct 2011 3:38 AM
We have just accepted an offer on our house but still waiting on visa but need some advice. We were initally looking for catholic schools but started to look at non catholic. Do you have to pay fees in non catholic schools, also which high school would anyone recommend if we lived in Aubin grove. Any help would be great thanks to all
From borky2000

To shelly23

08 Oct 2011 12:37 AM
Hi If you are living in Aubin Grove then Atwell College is great. We arrived in Perth 6 weeks ago and have a 15year old boy and a 11 year girl. Our daughter is not at the college yet but will go in February. Our son has been there three weeks and has settled in really well. The staff and students are really nice and actually know what they are talking about. They gave us alot of help with choosing our sons options for year 11 and 12. Atwell college is about 10 minutes from Aubin Grove which is in catchment. If you really want a Catholic school then the good ones are normally fee paying schools. If there is anything else you need to know please feel free to contact me. Ellen
From KathrynG

To shelly23

12 Oct 2011 4:59 PM
You have to pay fees on all schools, the state or private schools, catholic or none catholic. A secondary school child will have to buy all their own books, as well as pay fees. If you go private the fees are obviously more. People will tell you that state schools are free, but they aren't. I had two lads in state schools, one in year 12 and one in year 10, I got the book list for them both and it with fees it cost us $900 for their first year in these schools. Check out the school system too, it runs Feb to Dec. Kinder to Grade 12, secondary ends at grade 10, then they can go on to grade 11 and 12. Some still wear uniforms in Grade 12 too. Primary you pay a fee which usually includes the book list items.