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Emigrated 4 years ago to QLD and still loving it.        started by logga on 14 Oct 2011   (23847)
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14 Oct 2011 2:22 PM
Hi Aussiemovers, Just wanted to share our experience with you after almost 4 years in Australia. Hopefully to motivate or encourage those playing the long old waiting game. It took us around 2 years to finally decide to apply for our visas and took another year to get them in our hands, but we made the move to Queensland on Feb 2nd 2008. Since arriving with our 2 little boys (3 and 5 at the time)a few suitcases and around $10,000 dollars in our back pocket we have been on an action packed journey to where we are today. Firstly let me say, if you have any worries about moving to australia, as long as you are a positive and optimistic person you can do it and succeed. There is no real amazing plan required, it's not life and death, but you have to be open minded and prepared to make changes in order to succeed. I really do think that if you struggle with change or feel vunerable out of your comfort zone then emigration might not work for you. We came over here as a bricklayer and an assistant nurse and trust me we have chopped and changed our jobs like the wind in order to bring in the money every week. My husband found working on the tools didn't pay as well as he'd hoped and i found the care homes (initially) to be a bit behind the times for my liking. So i thought i'd give real estate a go. After earning a few dollars at property sales i encouraged my husband into it too. We sold real estate for 2 years, just earning a regular average wage, but enabling us to finance the build of our own house, but when the market went cold aprox June/July 2010 we sold up the house and changed our jobs again. We walked away from our house with enough to pay off our car loans and purchase a camper trailer and a boat. we decided that whilst the market is still dipping we should rent for another year or so putting ourselves in a good buying position later on. The boat and camper are FAB!!! we are never home and always having fun in the school holidays, but they are essentially our house deposit for the future. Aprox 6 months ago we moved from the northern suburbs of Brisbane to the Sunshine coast where most people commute to the city for work whilst enjoying living on the coast. We are about to have our 3rd boy...our first little aussie baby and feel very very lucky to be able to bring our boys up in such a wonderful part of the world. I suppose the moral of the story here don't have to be a millionaire or have water tight plans to be able to emigrate across the world, most of it for us is attitude. You have to be positive and prepared to adapt from situation to situation although money does help, but as long as you can work and live to your means forget the rest and come and enjoy australia. Good luck to you all. Warm wishes Jemma