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Moving to Secret Harbour       started by wesmiths on 17 Oct 2011   (23852)
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From wesmiths

17 Oct 2011 2:05 PM
July 2012, I will be moving to Secret Harbour with my two teenage sons who will be ages 14 and 15 at the time of the move. I haven't read or heard real positive remarks about Comet Bay College. Moving from a small 'cow town' in the U.S., sheltered, quiet, and still quite innocent, private Catholic school... our eyebrows are raised and we are concerned. Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Thanks!
From Mindblower

To wesmiths

18 Oct 2011 8:49 PM
Hi Relativeley new school, at first sufffered because took in expelled rabble to make the numbers up. Some people speak well of it , other prefer private. Private options would be Mandurah Baptist College, Living Waters-Warnbro ,Maranatha -Wiakiki . Each to their own. I think Comet has had a new building/buildings very recently too
From wesmiths

To Mindblower

18 Oct 2011 11:21 PM
OH - that makes sense. I so appreciate this perspective. We were in Secret Harbour for 2 1/2 months End of may through the beginning of August. My fiance has a home there, but the boys and I had to come back to the States to take care of house selling, work contracts, etc. The school in WA is within walking distance of our home and we were a little disappointed about what we had read/heard. It IS a relatively new school, so I was surprised to see that it had gone south so quickly, but your explanation makes sense. Have they taken care of their problems with behavior I wonder? New headmaster? It looks like is has so much to offer. We do private here, but it is cheap compared to Australia. I teach in the public schools so private made it a little easier when it came to several issues.
From Mindblower

To wesmiths

20 Oct 2011 12:34 AM
From what I can gather improvements have been made since the early days -yes, and a new head. Depends on what your perceived standards are, your finances and ability to get to and from school. Maybe look at the schools website to get a better feel for it...a very personal decision with the usual plusses and minuses.