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Help please       started by ds66 on 24 Oct 2011   (23857)
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From ds66

24 Oct 2011 7:56 AM
Hi, We have our flights and the container booked but we are trying to arrange for our sons cricket bags to come over before the container as the boys need to be able to us their cricket gear as soon as possible after we arrive. We have had one quote of about
From fairylights

To ds66

24 Oct 2011 12:00 PM
When we moved 5 years ago we got double luggage allowance as we were migrating (you have to have 1 way ticket) - have you checked with the airline whether this still applies? We brought golf clubs and cricket bag as baggage - even if you are over, the excess baggage charge is a lot less than 800 pounds! Be aware that if you don't have the stuff with you, quarantine can take a long time to get things like cricket equipment through. If you bring as luggage be sure that everything is spotless - and be sure to decl
From South_West

To ds66

24 Oct 2011 4:50 PM
The bags themselves are quite a weight so put the gear into one bag and send the other in the container. Bats are quite expensive here so that is the most important piece of kit to include, with pads and gloves, but anything else is cheap enough to replace. They can do without their spikes and jumpers so send them by boat. I taped the bat between the pads and packed clothes in and around everything to fill up the bag. It all arrived in perfect order. Be sure and decl