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moving to perth in need o info       started by lbcrmn on 17 Nov 2011   (23889)
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From lbcrmn

17 Nov 2011 11:02 PM
thanks johann 4 the info. we will be renting when we first get out does any1 know are rentel accom useually furnished ie beds and sofas, white goods or will we ship them over.also does any1 know of good sites where i could have chat with others who have moved from england or ireland.big shout out to all.thanks
From jimboman

To lbcrmn

18 Nov 2011 10:08 PM
Most rentals here are unfurnished. The norm is to rent a furnished holiday let for around 2 months or so and look for an unfurnished rental during that period. This should tie up with your stuff arriving (furniture, white goods etc.). Most unfurnished rentals here are for fixed lease periods so it is better to sort that once you are here. Holiday rentals can be booked by the week over the web before you arrive.