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RELOCATING 'OLD' PETS       started by MCKENNA on 25 Dec 2011   (23918)
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25 Dec 2011 5:55 AM
Certainly 'temperament' of an old dog and old cat plays a big part as to the level of 'stress' to which they can endure - Jack Russell Terriers and breeds of that ilk do seem to withstand higher levels of stress than do most other breeds. Just because one is lucky enough to own a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier which is capable of travelling on long-haul flights together with the quarantine experience apparently showing no signs of 'stress' at the end of it all does not mean that this is normal behavier, for most pets it is not! If I were emigrating from my home in the UK to Australia I wouldn't dream of leaving any of my six pets behind, where I go they go but I would need my veterinarian to assure me 100% that my eldest two, one at 11 years and the other at 12 years, were mentally strong enough to withstand any 'stress' that they would endure - If not then I wouldn't be relocating since their welfare comes first.