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Sponsorship       started by Tabbiespice on 31 Dec 2011   (23928)
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From Tabbiespice

31 Dec 2011 11:59 PM
Hi guys Bit of advice for my bro. Would AustraliaPost sponsor someone with years of experience as a postal worker in the UK? If not then what would be the fastest, cost effective thing to study/ get experience in whilst in the UK that would enable a skilled migration visa (temp or perm)? He has no trade qual of uni degree or anything......just loads of work experience in royal mail as well as other areas of manual job i.e. warehousing, van driving. He is 36 years old. He has visited us in Perth three times and is desperate to come over and live.......he is willing to do anything. Does anyone know any businesses or vocational type thing that would offer him an apprenticeship? He has looked into a student visa but the costs of the courses for an international student are immense. Some help, advice would be fantastic. Thanks alot Jackie