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Moving to Perth - 457 Visa - READ THIS       started by Niel on 06 Jan 2012   (23931)
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From Niel

06 Jan 2012 10:00 PM
At last back in South Africa, home sweet home. If your are considering moving to Australia, please note the following, some things people just don't tell you. Okay where to start? Make sure that the company you are working for in Perth, gives you a good salary, because it is very expensive to live there. When you arrive in Perth, in most cases you are left to find your own way, remember you will need to have transport, yes there are public transport, busses and trains, but it is not that easy to use. to buy a car you can get finance. If you earn more than $75000 per year, you need not pay a deposit, BUT if you are on a 457 Visa, you will need to pay the repayments in less than 4 years. a Cheap car will cost you +/- $4000, in all cases you will need to register the car in your name, within 2 weeks at $ 120, car license is once a year at end Feb and it is $230. Insurance is $65 per month. To get finance for a car you will need a passport, prove of adress in Perth and your prove of employment, a Letter of employment will be exepted, also a S.A. Driver Licence. On a 457 Visa you will be allowe to drive in Perth as long as you have your South African licence and passport with your Visa. Finance useually takes 2 days. a Holding deposit of $300 will be require, which the dealer keeps to hold the car for you while waiting for your finance, should you get the finance then they will refund you, if you don't get finance they keep the deposit. To rent a house you will need to have 6 weeks deposit, rentals are between $350 and a $1000 a week. When you start looking for a rental, the best place to look is on the internet, viwing of houses are arranged by the agent and it at a set time and date once a week, for 15min. When you arrive at the viewing you will find at least a nother 10-20 couples at the same viewing, all hoping to get the same place. The cheaper the rental the more people you will find. If you decide to apply for the house, then you will need to get a form from the agent on the day of the viewing and you will need to supply a copy of your passport and prove of adress and prove of employment, it is alway good to get a letter from your company. You will also be required to pay a deposit, which is the same as one weeks rent, if you are exepted then the deposit will form part of the 6 weeks rent (deposit) if not then it will be paid back to you in about a weeks time. Water and lights are registered on your name and it is done on a telefone. 9 out of 10 times your S.A. cell phone won't work in Perth, you will need to buy a new one the cost between $100 and $250, it is easy to get contract phones and to register your number. Schools - you can only put your kids in public schools in the area that you live in, cost of public schools are $400 PER YEAR. If you want a private school it is expensive, $120 admin fee, $400 when you enroll and the rest when they start. Bank - it is easy to get a bank account, need a passport, prove of residence and prove of employment. You cant get credit cards or credit on a 457 Visa. The bank card and password gets mailed to you and it takes 1 week. It is best to buy a car in the first 2 weeks when you arrive, after that period it becomes more difficult. You can't get live insurance on a 457 visa only after 6 months can you apply and if exepted it is very expencive. Food is very expencive and furniture as well. Please insure that you take enough cash with you for the first month. 457 Visa holders are required to have medical aid, this good, but remember, you will first have to pay the doctor and then claim it back from the medical aid. TV's are cheap $200 for a 23.6', but refrigirator cost $500 for a cheap make and $500 forr a cheap make wahing mashine. Carefull when buying a car, don't sign any documents before you know what the finace amout is, they will try and catch you into signing before you have the amounts. There is crime in Perth, murders, break-ins and yes the houses and cars have alarms. Card fraud happens, it is not crime free, but the police do their jobs. Traffic in Perth is bad, almost the same as in RSA. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND YOUR FEET IN PERTH, EVEN WORSEIF YOU HAVE NO FAMILY THERE TO SUPPORT YOU. TAKE ENOUGH MONEY WITH YOU, THERE ARE A LOT OF HIDDEN COSTS WHEN STARTING OFF.
From nerissadc

To Niel

09 Jan 2012 1:25 AM
sounds hectic niel but it is still a dream that i can't wait to come true so i am gonna take your advice and save, save, save!! nice to know a current SA experience
From Trudie

To Niel

22 Jan 2012 1:59 PM
On a 457 visa you are entitled to apply for a loan and some banks will not ask for your proof of address etc. They will need to see contract of employment and you do need to be earning over 50k per year! Repayment must be within 4 years as this is when your visa expires. Providing you do go and buy a 25K car it should be manageable. I currently work for a bank that offers 457 visa applicants credit cards and again it is a case of providing your letter of contract offer dated within the last 60 days. With regards to the cost of living, it can be as expensive as you want it to be. Family of 4 and our weekly food bill is around $150. You will need a bond of 4 weeks rent! school costs are a little high, plus you supply all paper, books and pens etc. Fees often depend on the age of the child.