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       started by lisa25mcadam on 12 Jan 2012   (23937)
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From lisa25mcadam

12 Jan 2012 7:45 PM
Could any one give me some information on Padbury. I have 2 kids aged 12 and 9, what are the schools like? what is the area like? is there a local shopping centre?. Any information would be great. Thanks Lisa
From Hel+Ger

To lisa25mcadam

13 Jan 2012 12:12 PM
Don't know much about the schools in Padbury,Marshy may be able to help you on that one.If you are choosing between Greenwood and Padbury, I think Greenwood would be the better option. You are handy for trains/buses and local shops. Being next to Warwick is also a bonus,with the cinema,bowling etc. Happy hunting, I hope you find the suburb that suits your needs. Gerry.
From simonc

To lisa25mcadam

13 Jan 2012 12:38 PM
Hi Lisa, We have been in Padbury for 4.5 years now, like most places it depends on the road you live in, there are some better than others, there are streets that have a high number of rentals which can mean that not so much care is taken in the upkeep of the houses. There are others which are very pleasant. Houses are mainly built in the 70s and tend to have bigger blocks than newer suburbs, and you get a bit more for your money than in Duncraig, Kingsley, Greenwood, Woodvale but those suburbs are generally better kept. If you go north into Craigie, Beldon etc it is cheaper still, but the standard drops a bit, again mainly due to the increasing number of rentals. The street we are on has a mix. When we first moved in I really noticed a lack of life especially compared to where we are from in England and it took 2 years to even meet the neighbours. This is something alot of expats bemoan about Perth suburbs, there is a certain soul-lessness. However after being there for a while and getting to know the neighbourhood better, as with anywhere the streets that have a number of kids living there are a lot more lively. We have a six month year old and since she arrived my wife has said she has started to notice the community around us a lot more. Padbury High School closed last year and is to be redeveloped for use by the education dept as offices, senior age kids will have the choice of going to Duncraig or Beldon. The former is meant to be pretty good. There are two local shopping centres, one better than the other, for a big shop you have Whitfords City which is about a big as they get and just over the road if you are in North Padbury and a 10 minute drive max if you are South East. There are two train stations close by, the train is 20 minutes to Perth Central, I generally cycle, it takes 50 minutes. It is not worth driving in rush hour. Hillaries boat harbour is 5-10 minutes drive away, as is the beach and it is no more than 15 minutes to Joondalup centre. The cemetary in Padbury is in lovely parkland, and full of kangaroos and birds and if you can get over that it is a cemetary a nice place to go for a stroll. There are a couple of leisure centres very close by and a number of parks. PM if you need anymore info. Simon C*