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WEEKLY COST OF LIVING        started by logga on 21 Jan 2012   (23952)
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From logga

21 Jan 2012 2:15 AM
Hi guys, Haven't posted on aussiemove since we arrived in Queensland 4 years ago but....Just worked out for my own benefit my actual costs of living per week and thought as finances are a big part of the move i'd share my projections with you. I am not starting a debate so please don't reply with 'thats rubbish electric is $31 not $32' i am just leaving this info here to help if you'd like it. About me: Just stopped working now, had a baby boy, Jenson 9 weeks ago, husband is a bricky, been in sales for 3 years here (bricklaying didn't pay) but new job starts tomorrow as a manager of a builders merchants on a salary YEY!! PAID HOLIDAY . We have another 2 boys ages 10 & 8, We run 2 cars, currently renting (due to global conditions) a brand new 4 bed 2 bath house on the sunshine coast. Here's our outgoings(PER WEEK)..... RENT $450 ELEC $30 GAS $25 FOOD $200 DENTAL INSURANCE $11 for all 4 of us GYM $26 for 2 people FUEL $70 local daily travel only. CAR LOAN $110 Pajero family car we use to tow the camper trailer and boat, 4WD is a must for our family. CAR FINANCE $160 Deans work car which was tax deductable until today as he was self employed CREDIT CARD $50 KIDS AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES $60 NOTE: We buy all meat and veg from indoor meat/fruit markets making food cost effective. Swimming lessons cost us $12 per child per week for half hour. Dance classes cost between 10-15 a lesson, ours being $12. Martial arts cost around $20 a lesson for half hour where we live. With dental cover we use NIB Insurance, which pay around 50%-60% of the normal cost. We all used the dentist this week.We don't have health cover as Medicare (Like NHS) covers our needs personally. So on top of those weelky outgoins we also have yearly costs to consider. They are: Dental costs $400 This is the shortfall we'll pay Rego $600 each car, cost will vary on type of vehicle it is. Car service $250-350 per car per year Tyres for cars $600. our car's take expensive tyres costing around $200 per tyre, however we just picked on up on ebay which was 50% worn for $20!! will do as a spare. Camping i have allowed $3,000 a year minimum, as camp sites charge around $20 a night, but food and beer usually rack up the cost. We camp all the time. Dog's vet $250 a year for boosters etc and $200 a year for the mobils dog wash. SCHOOL COSTS PER CHILD: Again these are my actual costs, but they may vary.. Books/stationary $100 per child per year Uniforms $150 per child per year ($30 per shirt, $10 for shorts, $50 school bag etc) Trips/Concert tickets/Surf lessons $150 per child per year School shoes $50 a pair (i usually get them 2-3 pairs each a year, but my kids trash their shoes) I can't think of anything else, but just remember if you come on a permanent visa you are entitled to family tax credits too and i have 3 little boys giving me somewhere between $500 and $600 a fortnight. Have a look at and read up on family tax benefit. It all helps. Happy calculating, email me if you want anymore info. Best wishes Jemma x
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21 Jan 2012 2:37 AM
Hi Jemma SO, SO helpful. Thank you for a no nonsense post on finances in Oz. I am sure this will give most people a rough idea of what their individual expenses will be.... PS. Congrats on the new baby!
From logga

To nerissadc

21 Jan 2012 2:20 PM
Thanks, you are welcome. This may help when looking at what sort of earnings you may be anticipating. I've gotta be honest we don't have a lot left over once all costs are considered, however we didn't have much left when we lived in England either and my mum keeps telling me how we'd struggle in UK now what with Dean being a bricky) We have found the opportunity to change career has been easy here, much more opportunity from our experience, so the fact that we can enjoy this beautiful country makes our life here in Australia lovely especially for the kids. We aren't better off financially here, but we have a better lifestyle for sure. Example It's Saturday afternoon now, kids are bored, we are going to jump in the car at 2pm today and drive 11 mins down to our local beach where we will sit in the shade under a tree with the baby while the older boys have a play in the sand. COST $0 We came over here with less than $10,000 in 2008 aged 26 &30 with a 4 and 6 year old, and we've just made it work. It's been easy really, it's the best thing we ever did, i will never move back, however it breaks my heart not seeing my family, but thats the trade off i'm afraid. You have to be strong and put your feeling aside sometimes. I probably have a good cry twice a year, mostly i can deal with it. I have found in my experience that our friends have become our family here, a huge number of australians don't actually live in their hometowns and are too distanced from their family and friends. Also with the number of people moving from UK, USA, South'll find most people actually empathise with your situation and become closer as a result. Our friends are a mix of the above and we all look out for eachother. We kind of become sisters and brothers if you like. Anyway we are off to the beach shortly so i'll say goodbye. Jemma x P.S i forgot to mention that i am a UNI student studying Nursing part time so will qualify in around 3 years. I will become a citizen in Feb so can have my student fees paid by govenment where i will then pay off the loan from my earnings once i qualify. Last year i paid full fees and it cost me full time $2,500 a semester (2 semesters a year) I study at University of the Sunshine Coast.
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22 Jan 2012 12:25 AM
hi jemma well, all the best for the studies... hope it all goes well. i personally cannot wait to get to oz though, oz does seem as though it can live without me! NO luck in the search for a vacancy as a nurse anywhere in oz and i go onto the web everyday. many jobs are advertised but all the hospitals are rejecting my applications and no explanation is given. i hope the big guy upstairs starts smiling down on me soon so that i can also enjoy a better quality of life down there. we are not rich here in SA and will not be in oz but the lifestyle would definitely be better. seems like in some ways oz is just like south africa...there is a shortage of nurses but the hospitals seem ok to carry on with a shortage of staff instead of hiring! will continue to apply though....nothing else that i can do. hoping for an offer soon and sponsorship for 457 visa as i REALLY cannot afford PR. enjoy the beach....
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23 Jan 2012 3:23 PM
good posts!