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The move       started by CrazyMum on 18 Feb 2012   (23979)
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From CrazyMum

18 Feb 2012 7:47 AM
Hi all. We are moving from Hawaii at the end of the year and are starting to go make a list of all the things to consider. Presently I am looking into bringing our car down. Has anyone had any experience with this? From what I can tell I should be able to get it registered, but it looks like it'll have to go through customs and we might have to pay an import fee. The car is a 2005 Pathfinder. Expensive to replace as we own it, but might not be worth bringing it down. I'd be interested in your thoughts. Thanks, and it's nice to 'meet' you all.
From tisme

To CrazyMum

18 Feb 2012 10:25 AM
If it's a left hand drive you may have the expense of changing it to the right. I think vehicles over 30 years old are exempt. Might be worth loooking into it in more detail.