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Re-emigrating       started by drippingtin on 21 Feb 2012   (23982)
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From drippingtin

21 Feb 2012 10:13 AM
Moved to Oz on 457 VISA in 2009. Worked over there for 20 months and decided we wanted to move back to Blighty for many reasons. Been back a year now and realised it was the worst thing we could have done, moving back to UK!! We have children, so feel the upset again for them maybe too much, but they are less than 10 so ?maybe they will adapt again. Going crazy with trying to make a decision. Any advise would be welcome. If we do emigrate back, it would be on a permanent resident visa. I am a midwife too, so getting a job i don't think will be a problem ps lived in Brisbane
From cindy42

To drippingtin

21 Feb 2012 12:02 PM
Hi, It's a hard decision. What were the reasons to return to UK ? Can you move to a different area in the UK maybe? OZ is a fantastic place but not without it's own issues. Are you thinking of returning to Brisbane or a different state? What ever you decide, wish you all the best. x
From morleylamb

To drippingtin

22 Feb 2012 9:47 PM
Done exacly the same thing! Trouble is my boy is now 14 and his education is getting very serious! We went back for a look and were very impressed with caloundra,but with the exchange rate, it was so expensive, the gap between arriving and getting work now is my worry, with rentals being $350 - $450 pw, but i wish we had never returned at all Where in Brisse were you living? We had a look around there, but the one thing i would avoid is the 'souless urbanisations' that Oz has so many of. What i liked about Caloundra is it was a community, but work is an issue!
From drippingtin

To cindy42

23 Feb 2012 8:19 AM
Thanks for answering. Family more than anything. Felt homesick all the time and struggled with working full time whilst husband was a stay at home dad. Caused lots of arguments. Its lovely seeing family when we like, but to be honest, thats it. Thats the only reason keeping me from making a decision, and its probably the main one for most people. Don't know where i would move to in the UK. We miss the Aussie weather too!! Oz does have its own problems like most countries and very expensive, but the work opportunities are much better (it helps that i was on a lot more money too). The outdoor lifestyle is fab. I was so used to seeing my son with a lovely colour.Now he looks pale and unhealthy. We have spent so many dark wet evenings in, in front of the tv. Not the sort of life i want for him now we have experienced better. Just wish we could have seen that when we were there Anyway thanks again for the reply, its the first time i have been on here
From cindy42

To drippingtin

23 Feb 2012 9:44 PM
Hi I can relate to your situation. We are heading back to uk in just a few weeks time. I'm sure we will have doubts about our decision but it's good timing for us. We are oz citizens so have the option of returning in the future. Best wishes cindy x
From Trudie

To drippingtin

24 Feb 2012 1:48 AM
been there done that have the t-shirt!! we have been back here (Perth) now 2 years, glad we came back!! need any other info please PM me X
From drippingtin

To Trudie

26 Feb 2012 9:57 AM
Hi thanks for replying. I think the only thing stopping me from making that final decision is telling my (and partners) mum and dad. They were devastated when we went the first time and are all so pleased we are back. Are you permanent residents? Did you find the process of doing it again, harder or easier? Thanks again
From Trudie

To drippingtin

26 Feb 2012 3:59 PM
unfortunately for your parents you have to do what is right for you and i struggled to tell mine, i just wasnt happy back in the uk. In laws didnt take it as well as my parents but they said they didnt want me to go again but had to do what i wanted. it has all worked out. We are PR so visa side of things it was easy, and to be honest i havent looked back at all. found settling this time alot easier and the girls have managed better. got out there and made some fantastic friends which helps too, just like having family around you!! all the best in what you decide to do!!