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Some info needed please       started by nerissadc on 28 Feb 2012   (23985)
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From nerissadc

28 Feb 2012 4:31 AM
Hi all I need some advice please from those who have applied for 457 visas.... I have received an email from the HR manager at the hospital where I have been offered a position to say that I need to wait for my transaction reference number (TRN) before I can apply for my 457 visa. I was also informed that this part of the visa process can take up to 1 month, Is this true? It seems as though it will take forever before I can get my visa at this rate! Please....any advice, comments or suggestions would be really appreciated. I have been on the DIAC website but it is always better to have others personal experiences to learn from. I am also now doing this alone so any advice or comments would be really appreciated! Nerissa