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are there any Horsey people in Perth?       started by TanyaWhoriskey on 29 Feb 2012   (23989)
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From TanyaWhoriskey

29 Feb 2012 4:33 PM
Hi, just wondering if there are any newcomers to Perth (int he last few years) that have horses in the Perth area? I'm considering getting one this year and would be new to horse ownership so am keen to connect with likeminded people...
From Byrnefamily

To TanyaWhoriskey

11 Apr 2012 10:30 PM
We had a pony in Wanneroo until March 2010 when she became ill and had to be put to sleep. The best place to contact horsey people here is through your local pony club, (its very different to UK pony club) or through where you will find all the agistment places with vacancies Hope that helps a bit Debbie