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Positive Experiences with Dog Quarantine?       started by codd139 on 07 Mar 2012   (23993)
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From codd139

07 Mar 2012 6:41 AM
My husband and I are looking to relocate from the US to Sydney and we have two small dogs who we love dearly, and are quite spoiled :) We are having a hard time making the decision to go because we fear putting the dogs through quarantine will be so upsetting for them, as they will rarely get walked or anything. Has anyone put their beloved pets in quarantine and felt it went OK? Did your dogs seem happy and 'themselves' once they were released? Please share your experience!
From janeandian

To codd139

07 Mar 2012 10:43 AM
Hi Totally understand your fears as we were in the same position in 2005 when we bought our two dogs over from the UK. Please be reassured, the dogs were absolutely fine and we have known many people here that have had the same experience. They were well cared for and although you are encouraged to visit them in kennels, we decided not to as we wanted to be able to pick them up and bring them home on our first meeting but we rang daily and the staff were always very helpful.They both settled well here with no lasting side effects from the experience. They adapted to the heat well as most houses here are built to keep cool in the summer months, we just had to adjust walk times etc according to the weather. They only had to be in kennels for 30 days and it flew by, especially as you will have so much to do in thoses first few weeks. I hope that reassures you and please do not give up on your dream of living here, your dogs will forgive you I am sure!! Regards Jane
From codd139

To janeandian

08 Mar 2012 3:28 AM
Yes that makes me feel much better. Thank you so much!
From sdb

To codd139

20 Mar 2012 11:38 AM
HI I brought my dog over 2 and half years ago and she went into Eastern creek. No she didnt get walked but you can pay someone to do this, BUT its not cheap. I called the girl who was looking after her and she was really nice and i meet her on the day my dog was released. She was in great condition and she was her usual self when we collected her. I sent toys to her while she had her stay and they come home with her too! Sydney is a lot bigger but not as busy as say Perth and we didnt need to wait for her to fly out due to space, she flew out the same day as us. Hope this helps Anita