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Resident Returns Visa??       started by littleblossom on 09 Mar 2012   (23996)
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From littleblossom

09 Mar 2012 1:28 PM
Hi Guys Don't know if anyone can please help me on my situation please. Basically we have been living in Perth for nearly 12 months now and my hubby cannot settle here at all. He will not go back to the UK not even to do a holiday he just wants to move back lock stock and barrel. I on the other hand really like it here and love my job. But because we have a son together I feel it necessary to take my son back so he can be close to his father and that is what my son wants to do also. Our PR 176 ends in June 2012 of this year and if we return home say in Mayl of this year will we loose the right to come back into the country if we have not lived here in the last 2 years of 5 years is this please the case? I am just worried that we will get home and my hubby will say I have made a huge mistake. Then we won't be able to re-enter the country. Or I may feel I have made a huge mistake and want to come back on my own. Where would I stand with concerns to our son? As anyone ever be in this situation or know of any advice you can give me please? Many thanks Susan
From HouseLouw

To littleblossom

09 Mar 2012 7:31 PM
Hi there All I know is that my mothers expired when she was going back home for a 3 month visit, and she applied on line for a residents return visa online and was approved and she just took her passport to immigration and they re-issued her visa. I would suggest you just do that being that your expiry is so close, they don't ask questions on how long you going abroad on holiday for thats what I can remember. But just ring immigration and they are very very helpful. Good luck