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What is going on?       started by donaa2 on 13 Mar 2012   (23999)
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From donaa2

13 Mar 2012 8:24 PM
Not sure what is going on with this site, or if anyone else experiencing the same issue. I keep getting random replys to one of my blogs from March last year from people I have never ever heard of and who never seem to have contributed to the site before. If you click onto their profiles they are new to the site only having joined this month. All of their messages have a website address at the end of it for some kind of removal firm in the Uk but all different. Not sure if they are just trying to get their business some advertisement but I wish they would stop responding to my blogs as though then know me or have some real interest in what I am up to. It always makes me feel as though there's an alterior motive with these people and I am not really sure what it is. I feel like deleting my profile sometimes. Andrea.
From Aussiemove

To donaa2

13 Mar 2012 11:05 PM
Hi Andrea, Looks like some desperate spammers manually posting meaningless messages just to get their website URLs on the site. There doesn't appear to be any problem with the Aussiemove site itself. I've deleted those msgs and will keep an eye on it anyway. regards, Geoff @ Aussiemove
From nerissadc

To donaa2

14 Mar 2012 3:11 AM
Hi Andrea That must be really irritating but I have not received any such responses like that....maybe it is just random or perhaps they are targeting you?! Nerissa
From donaa2

To nerissadc

14 Mar 2012 5:15 PM
Strangely enough all of the offending Posts have miraculously disappeared today. I have received a do not reply email from ausiemove just saying test ausisemove ??? Who knows what is going on. Still makes me feel a bit uneasy. Andrea
From donaa2

To Aussiemove

14 Mar 2012 5:21 PM
Thanks Geoff, thought that was probably the case but I was starting to get a bit uneasy as I kept getting them. Thanks for the acknowledgment ,that is reassuring in that the site is being monitored. Cheers Andrea