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State and Private schools       started by katieshaw on 17 May 2012   (24040)
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From katieshaw

17 May 2012 8:19 PM
Hello all, hope everyone is well. I am to moving to Perth and have become concerned about how hard it is to get into private schools over there. I have resigned myself to having to place them in state education until a place becomes available and I have looked at a list of all the best state schools but they are all nearer the CBD whereas I am looking to live nearer Joondalup. Can anyone advise as to the state schooling in Joondalup. Also how far is it to travel from Joondalup to the CBD. Is it practical to do a school run of that distance? Thank you!
From Marshy

To katieshaw

17 May 2012 10:50 PM
If you pick the right area there should be no need for private schooling. My eldest is in private and it hasn't suited her at all. The school is excellent but it just isn't for her. Sadly my local state high school isn't an option and as a cross boundary applicant everywhere else is full. Duncraig, Carine, Woodvale and Ocean Reef are the only high schools I would consider. All of those schools at the moment will only consider you if you are in catchment. Good luck.
From katieshaw

To Marshy

17 May 2012 11:07 PM
Both of my children are primary aged and I haven't heard about any good primary schools in and around Joondalup. That isn't to say there aren't any, it's just that I have not heard about any and I do like to go by recommendations. I think Duncraig may be out of where we want to stay. Here there is so much competition to get into good primary and secondary state schools even if you live in a catchment area. Is it the same there? I just worry that i wont get in private school or in the state school I would like due to large number of applicants. I have heard though that the Australian schooling system is much better than here. If you don't mind my asking, which school are your kids in Marshy?
From Marshy

To katieshaw

17 May 2012 11:16 PM
I live in Connolly and I can assure you that Connolly Primary School is very good as is Beaumaris Primary in Ocean Reef. It is very simple here, live in boundary you have a place. Out of boundary you are at the discretion of the Principal and how full they are. Joondalup area is a large area and you may need to narrow your question in order to get the right answers.
From janeandian

To katieshaw

18 May 2012 10:24 AM
Hi Katie Please be reassured there are many good state schools around the area you are looking at. As Marshy says the High Schools she has highlighted all have good primary feeder schools, you just need to live in that catchment area and all those areas are not far from Joondalup, Carine would be the furthest away and that is about 15mins drive from Joondalup.My youngest went to Woodvale primary and is now in yr12 at Woodvale Secondary College. We have been very happy with the education system here, the cirriculum I feel is more varied. The journey to the CBD each morning is a nightmare, believe me, I have done it for 7 years as I work in the city. The journey can take up to an hour and rush hour here starts about 6am as many people start work early, it would make it a very long day for your children! Hope that helps a little, please feel free to ask any questions. Regards Jane