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PRIVATE AND STATE SCHOOL TEACHERS - ADVICE NEEDED!       started by katieshaw on 20 May 2012   (24041)
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From katieshaw

20 May 2012 5:12 AM
Hiya, I have been looking at areas to live in Perth close to good state schools as the waiting lists is private schools are long. I have had some good responses especially about how good the state schools are. I know here in the UK there is a big difference between what is taught in the private schools my kids go to vs what they would have learnt at state. I would be so greatful if there are any teachers who have taught in both the state and private sector who would be able to give me their opinion on what the differences are (if any) and is it worth moving my kids from state to private once they get a place to increase their academia, or is state really just as good. Thank you