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getting prescribed medication while on holiday       started by DavidLewis on 29 May 2012   (24045)
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From DavidLewis

29 May 2012 3:24 AM
I will be travelling to Perth sometime in October and shall be staying with family on a sub class 676 long stay holiday visa. I take BISOPROLOL & PENINDOPRIL tablets for blood pressure and also PRAVASTATIN tablets for colesterol. I have contacted Medicare Australia reference getting a repeat prescription under the (RHCA) reciprocal health care agreement and (PBS) pharmaceutical benefits scheme, but their answer is a bit vague reference these tablets although they are common in UK. I know the system where by I bring a letter from my own doctor in UK confirming that I am prescribed these tablets,take it to an Australian doctor who could issue me with a script to receive these if they fall into the above (PBS). Has anyone had family out staying with them on a long stay visa and was able to have any of these tablets via an Australian doctor under the above scheme or did they have a problem. Any advice will be much appreciated
From tisme

To DavidLewis

29 May 2012 11:31 AM
They may be marketed under a different name in Oz. It's the ingredients that matter, you will be able to get replacement tablet, but maybe with a different name.