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Removal Companies to the UK       started by Yorkie on 11 Jun 2012   (24049)
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From Yorkie

11 Jun 2012 2:29 PM
Hi, I am looking to move to the UK within the next six months. Can anyone recommend any removal companies for me please.
From emma_steve

To Yorkie

12 Jun 2012 12:51 AM
Hi there we used Kent international to ship all our belongings back to uk and found they were really good no damage and everything arrived on the date they said it would ! They were very reasonable on price too so well worth checking them out x
From KathrynG

To Yorkie

21 Jun 2012 9:54 PM
Britannia where excellent for us. Our container was packed with everything from our fridge, to an aga cooker, and motorbike.. it arrived less than 5 weeks after it was shipped and cleared customs in 24 hours. One thing to watch out, Some companies ask you to insure the container against it getting dirty on the journey and suggest that if you don't take out an insurance you may have to pay for it to be cleaned when it arrives. You should not have to pay extra for this, the removal company should have this covered in their policies. Be sure you check this out. Make sure you get the removal company to pack everything, your insurance will be void if they don't. Make sure you clean everything, use a detergent that you can smell too so it smells fresh when it is checked at this end. Avoid artificial christmas trees with fir cones, they will take it off you in all likeliness. No wicker unless treated and no candles. Good luck with your choice... get three prices as they all differ.