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Where to live in Sydney?       started by ferrit on 04 Jul 2012   (24064)
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From ferrit

04 Jul 2012 11:50 PM
hey everyone, I am new to this forum but was hoping for a few pointers if possible. I have just accepted a 'sponsored' role in Sydney and will be moving in September 2012. Whilst my VISA is being sorted out I thought it would be pertinent to look at areas to live. There will be myself, my partner (Lorna) and our little boy (Jack) who will be 7 months old when they come out. I have looked at Mosman, Cremorne & Neutral Bay in the lower north and Balmain and Drummoyne in the inner west area. Are these nice areas? We would want somewhere that is easy to get into the city centre, for work, by train or ferry ideally and we would also like to be relatively close to the beach. It would be important, if possible, to have some British interaction and be an area where there was plenty to do (gyms, parks, shops, restaurants etc). We would be looking at renting initially and have a budget of between $500 and $600 per week. Any advice you can give me would be excellent. Thanks
From meandbee

To ferrit

05 Jul 2012 9:52 AM
Hi, have a look at for renting ideas. I have had a quick look and in that price range you are looking at one or two bed apartments in Neutral Bay / Mosman areas. I visit Sydney for work and most people seem to travel between 40 mins and 2 hours by train into the city for work. Our office was in North Sydney and i stayed near Neutral Bay and it looked a very nice area from what i could see.