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visas and adult children       started by sarah+mick on 10 Aug 2012   (24077)
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From sarah+mick

10 Aug 2012 6:56 PM
Hi ALL Has anyone on here had experience where you have arrived on a temporary visa (in our case a business skills 163) with children under 18 then when you have decided to apply for permanent residency discover that you over 18 child cannot be included on the application? Any knowledge would be most appreciated
From Marshy

To sarah+mick

10 Aug 2012 8:11 PM
(112182) This refers to 457 visa holders transitioning to PR, see last paragraph. I am not sure if your visa would be the same, would be worth a free consult with a migration agent to ask the question. I know there are many 457 holders very happy about this change, hopefully your visa will be the same.