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uk update       started by cindy42 on 10 Sep 2012   (24084)
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From cindy42

10 Sep 2012 8:20 AM
Hi there Quick update. We have been back in the UK for a few weeks now and have found it hard to re-settle after living in Perth for several years. In particular we have found it hard to get jobs (partner is working but i am still looking). Getting a rental with no credit history was also difficult. Got a house in a nice place after several weeks of searching. House is small but in a lovely area and the children have got into good schools. We were worried about the kids and how they would settle only to find that they have fitted straight back into life here and it's us who are struggling. Under estimated how much oz had grown on us. My partner who was reluctant to move to oz in the first place is now wanting to go back. It is great being back with family, but we rarely see them. Not sure what the future holds for us, early days . xx Good luck to fellow returnees