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5 months back in England       started by simonc on 20 Sep 2012   (24090)
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From simonc

20 Sep 2012 8:49 PM
We decided to come back in March. Lots of reasons why, the final straw being another baby on the way due next month - that meant 2 under 15 months so family support would be very welcome at least for a few years. Lisa said she was ok either way, I wanted to come back, if we didnt do it we never would. We have said we will give it 2 years then re-evaluate. We sold the house within a month, sold the cars, the kayaks, the furniture and flew back at the end of April. We were lucky in that there was a spare house in the family due to a bit of a reshuffle with grandparents (Godsend!) and I had 2 job offers the week we got back, so lucky there too. I am currently contracting back where I used to work at a good rate, more money than I was on in Australia but without the security. If I went permanent I would be on half the salary - saying that I have no where near the stress or pressure and I work with good people. Compared to Oz shopping costs, internet costs, mobile costs are literally half the price. It used to really piss me off every time I went shopping or buy a pint, I felt I was being robbed every time. Council tax, water and electric seems expensive but are probably about the same. Cars are way cheaper and fuel is expensive. It is probably swings and roundabouts once wages are factored in. On the whole the weather hasnt been the best, but Im sure it hasnt been that bad though everyone is moaning about it. Maybe Ive had 6 years of brain boiling blue skies so Ive had a good fix. Winter will be interesting! These last months have been very tough going emotionally and mentally. Coordinating the move back, the houses, work and the pregnancy on top has been challenging, having family help has been essential for sanity. As Cindy42 mentioned in a previous post, the lack of credit rating was a major block and stress, it was a mission to even open a bank account, let alone get credit cards or a mortgage. They really dont like it here if you dont tick the boxes, god knows what it would be like if you were a foreigner or didnt speak English. The Aussies are a lot more welcoming of strangers. Thankfully we kept a bank account open with Barclays when we were away, and Halifax gave us a mortgage. They were the only ones that would touch us. We bought a house and moved in early August. I miss iced coffee and my Perth mates, and being 5 mins from the beach, though it was a lot harder with the little one with the heat and wind. We have been to London, Bournemouth, Devon, Cornwall, the Cotswolds and caught up with loads of good friends, I went surfing at the weekend and got some great waves, better than Perth usually dishes up and 20% of the crowd. Warm water too. I need to go pike fishing next! Local friends have moved along in life. It was a little strange at first breaking back in, we have been through so much and changed ourselves, and things have changed a bit back here too. It is mostly all good now, and we feel part of it again, though I get alot of deja-vu and flashbacks. Now things are finally settling (for a couple of weeks maybe), I think I feel Im home. Best of luck whichever way you are going! SimonC
From Mindblower

To simonc

21 Sep 2012 6:06 PM
Interesting, please do a 10 month one.
From cindy42

To simonc

24 Sep 2012 6:59 AM
Good to here things are going well for you and your family cindy