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Beds, and other stuff       started by steveandclare on 04 Oct 2004   (2422)
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From steveandclare

04 Oct 2004 12:57 AM
We're moving from Bristol to Perth mid 2005, paperwork should be through by early march. We're starting to get excited/panicked as the time draws ever closer and were wondering if it was worth packing up everything and shipping it or whether it would just be easier to start again in Oz. Is it worth shipping the beds, bikes, dining room table etc or are we just giving ourselves more cost and hassle than it's worth?z
From Dave_Trace

To steveandclare

04 Oct 2004 9:44 AM
Hi there Can I just give you some advice that we had prior to us coming over here? BRING EVERYTHING!! If it's not ready for the skip, then bring it. Your initial outlay, when you first get here, will be expensive enough without having to replace all of your furniture! Thank goodness we brought everything we owned, even if some things were a bit shabby, it has helped fill up this house. We had a fairly big house in the UK but our own furniture looked lost in these rooms, we've had to go out and buy more things to help make it looked lived in! Things I wished we brought over and didn't; a) my spices, I had lot's of jars of the Schwartz spices and I thought that they wouldn't be allowed in so I gave them all away...bugger! They are allowed in as long as they are not in seed or leaf form. b) Plastic garden table and chairs, thought we'd never get it spotless enough for inspection, so we gave that away too! Doh! Wish we'd tried now! c) My feather pillows and cushions, didn't think they'd get through either. Everybody elses have ! sob! There are other things too, but I don't want to turn any of you into booze and wicker smugglers!! Tracey
From steveandclare

To Dave_Trace

05 Oct 2004 6:29 AM
just a thought, we were looking at the price of Dyson cleaners over there and thinking that it may be worth us buying a brand new one just before we leave and having it shipped along with our stuff. WOuld we have to pay import duty on it if it hasn't been used? I just thought that it would save us the hassle of getting our old one spotless as we think it may give up the ghost anyway after another year or so. What sort of price is computer equipment and printers over there? I've got the opportunity to write anything I buy off against tax at the moment so is it cheaper for me to buy it and ship it or should we wait and buy in Perth?
From Collette_Adrian

To steveandclare

05 Oct 2004 10:43 AM
Hi there We cleaned our Dyson thoroughly and it was really clean but didn't get checked by customs. The same dyson over here is a bit more expensive. If you buy a new one before you come over, I am sure that there is a rule saying that anything less than 12 months old, whether used or not, will be subject to import tax, but you will have to declare it on your form and to be honest with you, you could just not declare that it is new, as we didn't even get checked for anything like that. We bought a new computer before we came over and on the question about anything being less than 12 months old, we just said no and no questions were asked. In respect of computers, a friend of mine got a good quite a good deal, that was DaveandTrace who post on here, so you could ask them the question of price, as they would know more than me. Hope this is of some help Collette
From MARK99

To steveandclare

05 Oct 2004 6:01 PM
We bought a brand new Dyson before we left the UK. We used it a couple of times back home and gave it a bit of a clean before the removers packed it up. We didn't declare it on the customs form and nothing was said about it. We paid