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HIFX money exchange and Bank HELP!!       started by llowe on 30 Dec 2004   (2982)
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From llowe

30 Dec 2004 12:52 AM
Hi folks, We are about to sign on with HIFX and wonder if some of you who have used this company could tell us the pros and cons including anything to watch out for when exchanging the money. Also HSBC bank, I believe some of you good folks are using it, could I get some advice on this as well, pls? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.. Regards LIAM.
From Andrea

To llowe

30 Dec 2004 1:43 AM
Hi Liam, we have used HIFX every time and there haven't been any cons. The rate is better than the banks, and it's a very easy process. Once you have opened an accountwith HIFX, there is nothing to say you have to use them, so do it, and continue to look around. Re the banks, do you mean are they any good as a bank, or still in relation to the exchange rates etc ? We used the HSBC in the UK to open an account here. In WA, they only have branches in Booragoon(SOR) and the city , but pretty much all ATM's (cash machines) can be used. We have an online savings account with them, and this allows us to withdraw cash at any other banks machine 5 times a month, without charge, plus as many times as we like from the HSBC. We have credit cards with them now, and are finding them to be quite good. Hope this helps. Andrea
From llowe

To Andrea

30 Dec 2004 2:34 AM
Hi Andrea, You're a star, me love!! Cheers for the advice. Yes, you're right, we are planning with on using HIFX/HSBC combi for a starter and see whether it meets our needs. Sorry, I'm not at all in there these days due to planning the move for Jan 05 and my thoughts of home in Malaysia. Thankfully rellies are okay there and not affect by the tsunamis... From what you've said so far, I think this is a good option for us when we get to Perth. BTW, we are also planning to go to SOR in the Bull Creek/Rossmoyne areas so that we get into one of the good secondary for our girls. You're near Bibra Lake, aren't you? Once again, thanks a mil... Regards LIAM.
From Dave_Trace

To llowe

30 Dec 2004 11:43 AM
Hi Liam me old matey...long time no speak! I hope you and your clan are well and look forward to seeing you out here soon. Well, we planned on using HIFX, we opened an account with them fully expecting to use them, then when the time came we found that the Commonwealth Bank were giving a much better rate. They will also match any rate offered. Seen as we'd opened up a bank account with them it seemed logical to use them, and we made a few extra bucks in doing so! Good luck, cyber hugs from us lot to your lot xxx
From HeatherandGraham

To llowe

30 Dec 2004 1:40 PM
Hi Liam, Long time no hear!! We used HIFX and signed on with them and watched the rates until we made the plunge. They did phone us at one point to encourage us to forward book a rate of 2.42 but my visa had not come through and I did not want to jeopordise my deposit. It worked out well for us though as when we did book (Once the visa arrived!)it was for 2.52!! The transfer of monies also went smoothly, remember that the date you put on the form is the date they sned the money not the date it arrives in Oz!! That is 3-5 days after, so if you have a major purchase planned work your dates out! I take it you must be taking the bull by the horns and coming over are you? Good luck with it all. Bankingwise we opened an online account with ANZ so that we could have an account number to send the money to. You can always swop around when you get here. Regards Heather
From paul_col

To llowe

30 Dec 2004 1:54 PM
Hi Liam, me 'ol matey!! Great to hear from you, it's been a bit quiet from your camp lately! We've used HIFX twice and have had excellent service from them. We also bank with HSBC and are very happy with them too. We had HSBC accounts back in the UK and just opened up our Ozzie accounts in a UK branch. It was a whole new learning experience for all the girls there as they hadn't done it before but it ended up being a team effort and our accounts were open in no time. It's also great as we can do our banking on-line which is so convenient. Good luck with your decisions and see you soon! Big cyber hugs to you all, Colleen & Paul
From Andrea

To llowe

31 Dec 2004 2:25 AM
Hi, yup, we're in Bibra Lake, just across the Freeway from Leeming, which has another good high school. There doesn't seem to be many bad ones around this area... but my two are a way off needing it yet a while. Just about to embark on kindy (the eldest). But I'm sooo glad there's another 'southerner' on the way ! We really are few and far between, yet it's lovely SOR !! bfn, Andrea
From llowe

To Dave_Trace

31 Dec 2004 8:26 PM
Hi Trace, Yes, long time no squeek?? Thanks for the well wishing and the tip on the Commonwealth Bank. Will remember that when We eventually get there!! Heather, Me ol' couple of gold nugget!! How's the devil with you and Graham these days? Yes, matey, you're quite right about the rate and they are so dynamic. Thanks for the bank info too. But we think we'll go with HSBC for now and if there are any doubt later, then we'll shop around. Colleen, Hey... beaut.. nice to hear from you too. Thanks for the HIFX recommendation. Yep, I think we best try them out for now. As for HSBC, yeah.. they seems to be at a lost in the bank too until I told them that I want to open an account in Perth NOT a foreign currency account!! Still got that done now... Andrea, Such a long time we haven't chat. Yeah, I was told that Rossmoyne has a good reputation, so who knows we're renting in the area for now and see how things pan out. Still, good to know that we have neighbours, you, Leigh and Ushas in that area. YEs, I heard Leeming High is good too.. Thanks for the tip!! Anyway folks bfn and I need to get back to the kitchen and finish off painting!! Regards LIAM.