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Do I take a car       started by Robshire on 14 Jan 2005   (3111)
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From Robshire

14 Jan 2005 7:57 AM
Does anyone know the ins and outs of taking a car. I've been looking at the car prices and they don't seem cheap. They obviously last a lot longer in the warmth but we don't have a very big budget. I myself will drive anything but we need a good family car (2 young kids). At the moment we have an R reg daewoo nubira estate 2.0 which has low mileage air con etc. It is only worth around
From leigh_and_ross

To Robshire

14 Jan 2005 10:31 AM
HI there, Check out This will give you info about buying a car at a government auction, which is something that we have found out about since we have been over here. It may be worth considering, instead of hunting round the car lots. Leigh
From elaine

To leigh_and_ross

15 Jan 2005 1:27 PM
Hi there, we bought a car at auction last year and got a great deal. You have to calculate how much it will cost to take your car with you and compare prices. There are several auctions houses in Perth and am sure the same in most major cities. You can also get good cars from private sales if you dont want to do the car lot thing. There is also in Perth, a sunday car mart where private sellers congregate at a certain park and buyers can peruse. No agent fees or mark ups and there is an RAC mechanic on site to do on the spot inspections. You can pick up good buys here. With auctions as well a lot of the 2nd hand car dealers go and we ended up having a price war with one of them. Still got a good buy. Hope this has been helpful Elaine