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Canada/Us appliances       started by aude on 03 Feb 2005   (3267)
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From aude

03 Feb 2005 4:36 AM
Does anyone know which appliances from North America will definitely not work in Australia even with a transformer? Cell phones? TV?, VCR? DVD players? etc.
From Mike4

To aude

03 Feb 2005 7:00 AM
Cell phones, depending on the model, are compatible. You can get a new SIM card installed at the provider in Oz. Check your charger is 110-220 and all you will need is a 2 dollar adaptor plug. Same goes for laptops, camcorders, etc. Just check the labels on the charging device. TV's DVD's, VCR's, Stereo's are not compatible unless they are very new and multiregional. You will need to buy a multi-region DVD player in Oz to play your North American DVD's. CD's are ok. Check the Telstra site in Oz for your phones. Mine is Motorola and available there so it will work no problem. No expert here, hope this helps.
From Stark

To aude

04 Feb 2005 12:58 PM
I thought American CD players and stereos would work in Oz. I think someone on this forum even gave me this advice when I moved here a year ago. We brought our CD/stereo system as well as some kitchen appliances but have not used them. Besides laziness and the need to go out and buy a $300 transformer from the only electronic store in Perth that carries it (Dick's Electronics - a chain store). The other reason we haven't done it is that only you can only hook up 1 or 2 items to the transformer because that's how many outlet plugs are on it. I think there might be only 1 outlet on this transformer - at the very most it's 2. I'm not sure if Mike4 is correct on his response regarding the cell phone. He might be talking about Canadian units. American cells keep changing systems - I had 3 different phones in 4 years because my cell phone provider kept upgrading/changing to diff't systems which made my previous phone useless. Beware------ The cheap transformer that we did go out and buy from Tandy Electronics (about $110) is worthless. It's output is only 65 watts which isn't powerful enough to work sh*t! We fried a toaster, my son's Nintendo 64 and my electric drill using it (yes, I'm a slow learner)! Another beware --- The Gameboy system is the only electronic game that is multiregional. Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2 and Gamebox units are not multiregional. The games sold in Oz do not work in the American units.
From soggy

To Stark

27 Feb 2005 4:32 AM
Good advice, Stark, thanks. Will I need a transformer for any electric equipment? I'm not going to bring the TV etc because I know these won't work. But what about a sewing machine?