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TV&videos       started by sammy on 10 Jul 2003   (353)
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From sammy

10 Jul 2003 5:31 PM
Can anyone tell me if it is right that we will have to have work done on TV and video recorders if we take them with us, if so can we have the work done here and how do i find out what needs to be done. thanks Sammy
From lynnj

To sammy

10 Jul 2003 9:56 PM
sammy tva and videos receive no audio signal in aus, but if you buy an aussie video you can route tv signal through that and your tv will work, otherwise your tv has to be chipped to receive audio, no idea how much that costs, we are taking a couple of widescreens with us, if worst comes to worst we can just use them for dvds and video games. as far as your bank account goes, contact the commonwealth bank in london, they will open you an account and when you get to aus you just go to your local branch to activate it, we also found that their roe was better than anyone elses by about 1c in the pound. good luck lynn
From sammy

To lynnj

10 Jul 2003 10:14 PM
Lynn thanks for the advice,just one question which may seem silly but will we actually be able to deposit money into the account before we leave. sammy
From lynnj

To sammy

11 Jul 2003 6:07 AM
Sammy As soon as you open your account you can put whatever you like into it, but i have a feelinh you cant get at it untill you activate your account in aus. i think they can also do a forward contract, where you agree a roe for them to transfer the money at and when the rate gets to your agreed rate then they transfer it. lynn