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Sixth Form Education (or equivalent)       started by Raym0nd on 09 Apr 2005   (3788)
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From Raym0nd

09 Apr 2005 5:59 PM
I wonder if any aussiemovers can help with a question about education post-GCSEs? We have just had our medicals and are awaiting developments. My daughter is about to take her GCSEs and we plan to move out to Perth in the autumn if the visa is granted. My questions are as follows. Are the arrangements for sixth form type education similar to those in the UK, what are the sixth form colleges (arrangements) like in terms of quality and enjoyment for the kids and has anybody got any experience of this? Any info would be great as we are worried about the move having a negative effect on our daughter's education and she is also a bit reluctant to move (giving up friends etc.)
From Ushas

To Raym0nd

09 Apr 2005 7:34 PM
Hi, The best way to answer your question is to send you to the education department website. However, as best I can... High school here begins in Year 8 the year children turn 13. They then have to study till they are 15 or to the end of year 10. After this they can pursue apprenticeships, get a job or apply to TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education). These are usually for the purposes of studying a trade. Those who wish can then continue onto years 11 and 12. They generally go on here if they wish to pursue a university education. They study a variety of self chosen subjects. If they want to go on to Uni at least 3 must be TEE subjects (Tertiary Entrance Examinations). One english, one maths and a science usually. They can study up to 6 TEE subjects or mix between non-TEE and TEE. They finish year 12 the year they turn 17. They have final exams and are awarded a mark based on class work over the two years and exam results. This mark then allows them the chance to gain a university place. The TEE mark required for various areas of study changes from year to year. The students apply for places before they take final exams. if they don't get the required mark they then have a second opportunity (called the second round of offers) to reapply for different courses. For example- I applied to do secondary english (many moons ago) which required a score of 295. I also applied for other things at various universities but my score wasn't good enough as I only got 286 or summat. (I was a right lazy git!) So I reapplied for primary teaching which required a score of 275 and got in. Which was just as well as I hadn't really wanted to do secondary teaching at all and had been talked into it by a teacher at my school who thought I'd be great at it. I had always wanted to be a primary teacher. Which I am. Anyway... the main aim is to get a place doing something, somewhere at a uni. This way you can then apply to swap between courses till you are doing something you want to. You just have to get your foot in the uni door first. Anyway...I know the system is changing (yet again) but it's something similar to this. As I said the ed dept is the best place. Email people and ask questions...they are really helpful and lovely people I have found. Most have gone out of their way to get me where I want to be and the info I desired. Cheers Ush
From Raym0nd

To Ushas

10 Apr 2005 3:46 AM
Thank you for your advice - very helpful! The website was a good steer too.
From pat

To Raym0nd

10 Apr 2005 5:32 PM
Hi, My son's in exactly the same position; we are looking to be out in July, and live just outside Rockingham. As the UK system is not quite the same as Aus you can ask the WA dept of education and training to assess UK GCSE grades and subjects when applying for uni. Their website is you can email them on I have been recommended a contact by (Ms)Dale Halnan, in Corporate Communications and Marketing of the Dept of Education and Training; Anne Shilling - email; good luck P
From Raym0nd

To pat

10 Apr 2005 6:58 PM
Thankyou - very helpful!
From thea

To Raym0nd

18 Feb 2006 11:16 PM
A year later from your message we are in the same position with our daughter who will sit her GCSE's this summer and we will move to Perth in the Autumn. I would love to hear from you on how your daughter settled in and any information you have on what we should be looking for when we decide on a school. Many thanks.
From lucyb

To thea

26 Mar 2006 4:53 AM
hi there, we are in the same boat, my daughter is taking her gcse's this summer and we hope to be in perth before christmas. do you think your daughter will be going to uni? the system is so different i'm having problems understanding it, are you? lucy
From kmtsst

To lucyb

27 Mar 2006 12:54 AM
Hi guys Can i ask how old your children are,the reason for this is i have a 15 year old girl 16 in nov currently in year 10 We will be in perth in sept 06 So she wouldnt of sat her exams but she is the oldest in her year as being born in november. We have been advised to put her into year 10 the one she has just finished for 1 term in october then to start year 11 in the feb Seeing as though she is the oldest in her year. This might be an option for you if your children are the yongest in their years.
From thea

To lucyb

28 Mar 2006 7:30 PM
Lucy, I am in Perth at the moment looking at schools. Went to a good government school and was shown around Churchlands. I was impressed by what I saw. I am also looking at co-ed private, All Saints and a private girls school. My daughter wants to go to uni and the school administrator who showed me around said that it was quite common for UK, South African sutdents to arrive in year 11 with no problems in settling in. I understand that you can contact the government education web site and have GCSE grades converted if necessary. I will be contacting the university whilst out here as I do not understand their fees system. it depends on the degree you take as to the cost incurred!? (UK is not like this) but there are concessions depending on your household income (like the UK). From what I have seen I feel, as long as my daughter integrates quickly, she will be OK. Apparently everyone has to wear Billabong to fit in!! No different to having the right labels back home I suppose. Thea
From dolph

To kmtsst

26 Sep 2006 3:06 AM
Hi, Moving to Perth October 7th 06. My daughter is also 16 and until I speak to schools I am unsure which year group she will start in. Could you give me some advice. Her birthday in Feb 91. Look forward to hearing from You, Pauline
From CRH

To dolph

26 Sep 2006 11:32 AM
Students finish school at 17 here and then go on to Uni. I think most schools will take GCSE results as year 11 ewuivelant towards TEE, then she would just have to complete year 12. Alternatively I think there is are TEE courses at one f the colleges. Hope this helps. We had problems with our Son as he was just 17 when we arrives and we found it hard to fit him in anywhere as he didn't have enough for entry into Uni. We didn't know about the TEE at the college then so put him in year 12 which he hated and didn't last.
From DEHallett

To dolph

07 Jul 2007 6:29 PM
hi just been granted our visa to live in Perth, need some advice on schools, notice you have a tenage daughter, has she settled well in school. We have two sons 16 and 14 who are not keen to leave England. Would be good to hear how your daughter got on. Have you heard of Christchurch Grammer School one of the schools I have been looking at. thanks